Standardized Testing

Student with head in their hands, staring at a desk covered in materials. Behind them is the answer grid of a standardized test.

One of our union’s perennial priorities is ending the state’s over-reliance on high-stakes, standardized testing and assessment.

The Problem with STAAR

In or out of a pandemic, the STAAR has numerous design flaws and a history of being misused. Research shows that large-scale standardized tests cannot provide student-level information and should not be used for high-stakes decision-making.

At best, a test like STAAR may give a principal or teacher an idea of how students are understanding concepts. At worst, these improperly applied test scores are used to evaluate teachers, principals, schools, and school districts.

STAAR test results are boiled down to simplified A-F labels that the state can use to take over public schools and politicians can use to justify privatization efforts.

What Education Experts Say About STAAR

In February 2021, Reps. Gary VanDeaver and Alma Allen joined standardized testing experts and union members to discuss the burden of STAAR.

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